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Mon 27 February 2017
Stream data from Twitter using Python
Tags: Twitter Python

Twitter’s data can often provide valuable insight into your company's products, brand, clients, or competition. You can extract sentiment, volume, what's trending, and....

Mon 30 January 2017
Fuzzy Matching 101 - Part I
Tags: Python

Often when dealing with internal data - whether it be from CRM or ERP systems, relational databases full of financial transactions or product information, or anything else of a...

Mon 02 January 2017
A Bash Cheat Sheet
Tags: Bash

First of all, merry christmas and a happy new year to you all. To welcome you into 2017, and rekindle our brains after NYE, we thought we'd write down a few Bash commands...

Mon 28 November 2016
The Keyrus Blog Part I - Choosing our Stack
Tags: Python Pelican Nginx Aws

Now that the Keyrus UK blog has been up and running for a little while, with both the design and underlying processes settling into place, we thought it would be...