Automatically Hide Titles in Tableau

Written By Luke Minors, Edited By Lewis Fogden
Mon 13 February 2017, in category Business intelligence



An interactive and creative dashboard often needs to have numerous charts that are shown and hidden in response to a users' actions. In Tableau, charts can be made to disappear using actions, which exclude all values in the relevant charts based on selections. This creates a filter that filters out the data and hides the chart when there is no relevant data for it to show. One downside to this is that if you wish to have a title for the chart, this remains visible, as can be seen below:



In order to avoid this, there is a workaround that replicates the required title within the chart itself. This can then be formatted to appear as the original chart title, but it is dynamically shown and hidden along with the rest of the chart. The steps go as follows:



You should now have a beautiful chart or visualisation that is clearly titled, but that doesn’t foul up your dashboard when it is interactively hidden by selections and filters. Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions on other ways to achieve this below.