Blockchain Connectors for Qlik Sense and Alteryx

Written By Hannah Curtis, Edited By Lewis Fogden
Thu 17 November 2016, in category Blockchain

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Keyrus is excited to announce that we’ve created industry-leading blockchain connectors for the popular self-service data tools: Qlik Sense and Alteryx. With these connectors you can connect to any blockchain network as simply as you connect to standard data sources then immediately begin joining, analyzing, and visualizing. Underlying these connectors is Libra, the management information layer for blockchain tech. Libra connects to any protocol, and transforms the raw data into a useable format to suit business needs.

These connectors will help blockchain projects gain traction in the enterprise, and provide the kind of integration necessary to ensure and enhance the desired outcomes.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is transforming the way the world transfers value. Banks, governments, and private companies are beginning to discover that it can be used to cut costs, increase transparency, and enhance user experiences across a variety of applications. This technology provides cryptographically secured, decentralized, immutable records of transactions thereby removing the need for middlemen.

Cross-border money transfer is a great example. Today international payments are expensive and slow. There is little transparency, which opens the process to fraud and money laundering. This has been unavoidable because we’ve needed central banks to receive, clear, and transfer the money between them in order to establish the required level of trust in the system. A digital, distributed ledger fundamentally changes this. It removes the complexity and opacity to achieve frictionless money transfer. Some envision this replacing the need for large banks, however, the banks seem to have decided to participate in the revolution rather than fight it. The R3 Consortium founded in September 2015, now claims over 50 of the world’s major banks as members. It aims to develop standards and protocols, and begin trials of blockchain solutions for the industry.

Beyond this, projects are popping up in numerous financial and non-financial use cases including: Crowd funding Digital identities Digital securities trading Patient records Election voting and much more

Companies like are building decentralized apps (or DAPPS) on Ethereum, and beginning to disrupt industries as we know them.

Blockchain technology is still in early stages and will have to overcome a number of hurdles (as exemplified by the infamous DAO attack) before becoming more extensively used. However, the time to start thinking about how it can and will affect our lives and businesses is now.

About Keyrus

At Keyrus, we help our clients understand data technology and leverage it to enhance their business. Naturally, we were keen to understand how the rise of blockchain technology would change organizations and how we could help them gain value from that transition. One important aspect of this is data management and analytics. How do you make it easy for organizations to connect to transactional data on a blockchain network and analyze it? How do you join that data to other data sources such as customer information, financial performance, or sales/marketing activity for deeper insights? Our Qlik Sense and Alteryx connectors are there to answer those questions!

Try it for yourself by setting up a free Libra account and then downloading either our Qlik Sense or Alteryx connector:

Qlik Branch:!/project/581cbfd8f42638543aeba262

Alteryx Gallery:!app/Keyrus-Blockchain-Connector/581a14fcf499c704688b4c13

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