Gender Pay Gap - The Numbers Don't Lie

Written By Gregg FoxLance Rossert, Edited By Lewis Fogden
Thu 05 April 2018, in category Tableau



This March has seen another edition of a celebration of Women's day and with it numerous marches and demonstrations for women's rights. Indeed though women have had the right to vote for a century and that suffragette Millicent Fawcett is soon to become the first women to have a statue on parliament square there is still an imbalance between male and female rights.

At the core of this persisting inequality lies the gender pay gap whereby men are paid more on average than the female counterparts.

The following chart illustrates the extent of this inequality: Around 9,000 data points from the British government are used to explore the mean and medians of salaries of female and male employees in various companies across sectors. The histogram represents the proportion that female employees earn less compared to male employees. Hence everything to the right of the 0% mark is the region where women earn less than men and vice versa for the left.

This chart clearly illustrated that the vast majority of companies pay their female workers less than men and often by a considerable amount. In fact there are more companies that pay their female employees 50% less than their male employees than there are companies that pay their male employees 12.5% less than women. Some of the main culprits paying women vastly inferior salaries are sports clubs, financial institutions and airline companies.

There is a lot of work to be done before society becomes truly equal in the workplace. But one can hope that illustrating the gender pay gap in an unmistakable visual manner will increase exposure to this imbalance of society and prompt further actions to reset the scales.