Inspired by Hans Rosling

Written By Raihan Rubin, Edited By Lewis Fogden
Mon 20 February 2017, in category Business intelligence

Hans Rosling, Qliksense


Hans Rosling was a Swedish academic who was best known for his TED talks using data to explore developmental issues around the world. He was the co-founder and chairman of the Gapminder Foundation, and they developed the Trendalyzer software system. Through his presentations around the world, and in particular his TED talks, he became famous for showing the world moving interactive graphics, even winning awards for the Gapminder graphics. He sadly passed away on the 7th February from pancreatic cancer.

In the spirit of his past visualisations, I put together a dashboard in Qlik Sense using similar data to what was used in Hans Rosling’s visualisations. The data is from and the dashboard highlights how mortality for under 5 year olds has changed from 1960 through to 2014.

The chart utilises the scatter plot chart – the points are the countries which are coloured by Continent, the size of each point indicates the population of the country, the Y-axis indicates the mortality per 1000 births of under 5’s and the X-axis indicates births per woman. Out of the box, you can’t animate dimensions in Qlik Sense like you can in Qlikview (I hope this is added in at some point).

To work around this, I downloaded an extension from Qlik Branch, which is like a GitHub for Qlik, where developers create and share their creations. I found the perfect extension created by user wuzhong.zhu that did exactly what I needed. I just had to download the extension, copy the folder into the relevant Qlik Sense folder and it was ready to be used. With this new tool, I was able to video capture the animated chart in full flow.