The Big Data In Use Conference

Written By Michael Andenas,
Mon 07 November 2016, in category Big data



On the 27th of October I attended the Big Data In Use Conference in London. Below is a summary of the content presented there.


3 Main Trends

Shazam and TripAdvisor both spoke about using data to improve understanding of their customers.

Profiling / Targeting

Ex Shazam - An artist collaborated with Shaza, asking her fans to use the shazam app when they hear her tunes. She would then organize her tour according to the places which had the greatest shamzam response.

Ex TripAdvisor - They used booking data to feedback to their clients (hotels, airlines, etc.) on who were their main competitors, who were the clients who only looked at their brands regardless of the location, what segment of the market their typical clients were from, etc.

Using data to drive decision making and investment

Ex Shazam - Using data to influence the music industry. Looking at the ways certain audiences download music, and whether they do it within the first few seconds etc based on the type of tunes. They are then able then to feedback to producers who will prioritize certain type of songs.

Event analysis

TripAdvisor - Looking at the effects of Paris events on travel bookings. During the Keynote they talked about how our society should be prepared to live in a world where machines will be taking important decision. They gave an existing example of an organisation that has named an algorithim as part of their board and machines capable of acting on intuition.

Will Vambenepe from Google

David Walker from WorldPay

Carme from Telefonica

Carme's presentation revolved around blockchain and the following: